Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A twist....

It has been a crazy past few days.  Cheyenne has been taking her meds much better thank to Uncle Peter's gentle wisdom (and patience).  We have figured out that you don't rush Chey with her meds, this is one of the few things she still has control over in the ever changing blur of days. 
Cheyenne has not had an appetite for a few days now and starting saturday has been complaining of stomach pain.  It seemed to come and go, but she was  up alot during the night.  We were constantly back and forth with her to the bathroom, with no success.  I made a call to the on-call doctor who suggested that her meds may be causing constipation and suggested a few things we could give her and do to relieve the situation.  I tried hard to get her to drink fluids, but could get little more than a few mouthfulls into her.  Then she started vomiting up what she was eating.  Again we made a call and it was suggested that we head down to ER and get checked out.  Our doctor let them know we were on our way which means things are so much faster once you get there.  They did a couple x-rays and have determined that she has what appears to be a twist in her bowels.  She has been admitted and they will give IV fluids and keep her from eating anything.   The thought is that the body will sort itself out.  If it hasn't resolved by 3 days they will talk surgery.
Please keep Cheyenne in your prayers, that she will have as little pain as possible, and that this may resolve in a timely manner.
Thanks and goodnight

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  1. Praying Sonya. Praying for patience for you all, no pain for Cheyeene and that things will clear up on their own. Twists are so hard!! I am thankful we serve a sovereign God, even when things are hard and unpredictable.