Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 7

Cheyenne is hopefully going to be discharged from hospital today.  We are waiting on CCAC to set up equipment for her feeds.  The feeds are going to run for 12 hours (night) that way she can run around during the day and hopefully pick at food as she wants.  We are anxiously awaiting the discharge order.  CCAC is confused by our address(we alway have issues because we are on the border), which means we have spent a couple hours on the phoone back and forth between Waterloo and Hamilton explaining that we do indead pay taxes to Hamilton, therefore we should be receiving services from Hamilton.
Cheyenne is feeling a little better.  She has given us a few small smiles and a little talking here and there.  This morning she coughed up her NG tube so they had to replace it.
We have a large # of meds that she is now on for a bowel routine and they will be following her closely in this regard.
Cheyenne hair has started to thin and fall out during the past couple days.  It really gives new meaning to the verse in the Bible that 'he knows the number of hairs on our head'.  We are all looking forward to getting home and spending time with all the kids and each other.
I'm looking forward to a good cup of hot tea!
Thank you for all who have called, emailled and sent your kind words and thank you so much for your continous prayer.  We serve and awesome God who can do all things.

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