Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4

Today was a long but successful day.  The meds are starting to work and so are her bowels.  Cheyenne wont be allowed home for a couple days yet as they need to get a cocktail of meds that will help her bowels from becoming sluggish from her chemo.
Today we got moved into a private room due to her being neutropenic(her white blood cell count is low).  Its nice to have the privacy.
Cheyenne is starting to perk up.  We got a couple grins and she is talking again(she zomes out when she doesn't feel well).  She also started drinking and eating ice chips today.  It seems minimal but she hadn't touched anything unless being coaxed for the past 4 days, today she asked!
If all is well she will get her vincristine chemo dose tomorrow.
We appreciate your continuos prayers and support.

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  1. Hey Sonya & Dave,
    Just want you to know how much I appreciate these daily updates and your unwavering faith shining through. We are praying for you and these updates help us pray more intelligently for Cheyenne and you. Praying for endurance to run this race and see God's sustaining grace throughout. Love, Eric & Sarah & Summer