Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10

The last couple days have been increasingly better.  Last night Cheyenne had a small portion of supper, we made a huge deal of it.  She was running around having great fun with the kids.
Today, she asked if there was leftover salmon in the fridge.  She ate half a portion.  Tonight she asked if we could have sweet potatoes and maple sausage(i know, its a weird combination), she inhaled them.  Its hard knowing that in a couple days we will start this cycle all over again.  I am hoping that it will be easier for her this next round.  Maybe if we have the bowel issue under control it wont be such a drain on her.
She is getting very co-operative about her flushes, meds and tube feeds.  She asked me today if we could go to the doctors tomorrow and get them to take out the tube now that she was eating.  I had to explain that she has to keep eating, and take all her meds in her mouth before the doctors will take out the NG tube.
We are 3 treatments in and her hair is really coming out now.  She wants it to stop falling out now.  She has a bare strip down the middle and the bottom back and she thinks it is funny.  I think Brielle wishes that too.  She keeps coming to me to take the hair out of her mouth.  She can't figure out where it is coming from.  But like the doctor explained, when the hair falls out that means that the treatments are being effective elsewhere.
Today the kids played and fought, well mostly aggravated each other.  It was a very normal day, and I could tell Wyatt and Brielle loved having the old Cheyenne back.  And Cheyenne got no special treatment from them, yet you could see the sparkle in there eyes as they wrestled and played the afternoon away.


  1. I am so thankful that things are getting better and that you had a normal day. We always smiled when the kids started pesting each other. It is a great sign and a must have been a breathe of fresh air for you. Seeing the sparkle must have made you smile.

    We are continually praying that God will hold you all close and bless the treatments.

  2. So glad that you had a 'normal' day - even when talking on the phone :) We'll be praying that things go well today and this weekend with the next treatments and that Cheye will do better (especially with the NG tube being in). Good to hear that you got some smiles in this!!!