Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16

I know I have taken a few days to update but it has been slightly crazy around this household for the past few days.  Cheyenne started her second round of chemo friday(3weeks in each round).  She did relatively well, then again we are slowly figuring out what her preferences are and little things can go a long way.  We were fortunate and were able to have a private room this time.  This works well not only for the extra space for Casssidy's playpen but you don't have to worry about disturbing room mates if Cheyenne is up through the night. 
Cheyenne was able to come home saturday around noon.  Our nurse knew that Cheyenne does better once home and the doctor was able to visit her first for rounds.  By the time supper rolled around we were all back together.  Then the kids are so excited to see each other that it is hard to get them settled into bed. 
Finally got them all asleep and crawled into bed...BEEP, BEEP, BEEP..Cheyennes NG tubing kept kinking meaning it would set the alarm off(8x during the night).  Last night wasn't as bad(3x), but tonight it took about 30 minutes to get the pump to stop beeping and saying there was a blockage.
Yesterday Cheyenne's bump(tumour) started to have some serous(clear) drainage, Today she bumped it while playing and it started to bleed.  Actually the skin started to separate.  I notice it and didn't say much, however Wyatt had to inform her "your bump is popping".  And the hystrics started....
Seeing as the office was closed by the time this took place, I will call first thing in the morning to let them know this has happened.  In the meantime I am to keep it clean and dry (and infection free).
To all who have prayed for us over these past months, thank-you.  Please pray for Cheyenne to have peace with the changes that are taking place faster then she is able to adjust at the moment.  We are set up for homecare, but at the moment, it is terrifying for Cheyenne to have new faces continually.  Today she met Jen, who we will hopefully be able to always have.  I know that I am able to do most things she would require, but it is still nice having that extra set of hands.
In the weeks to come, as Cheyennes immune system goes up and down, I would please ask that anyone stopping in, please call first.  A simple cold could prove dangerous for her.  I would also ask that if anyone has come in contact with the chicken pox, and could in any way be in contact with Cheyenne, PLEASE let me know so that we can keep her at home.  Chicken Pox is a serious illness for someone on chemotherapy and could require her to be hospitalized.

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  1. My daughter has the same cancer as Cheyenne, and just got her tumor removed last week. We've had I think four rounds of chemo and will do proton radiation next month. She's 9 months old. I post off and on at jerheather[dot]blogspot[dot]com if you're interested. I wish all the best to Cheyenne in her treatments! Hang in there!