Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9

We are so enjoying being back at home(for a little bit).  Cheyenne gets readmitted this week on thursday night for hydration and then gets her large dose of chemo friday.
Cheyenne is hooked up to a feed pump for 12 hours at night.  The first night wasn't so successful as the alarms kept going off and it would shut off.
Last night was better, we read the instruction manual and started her much earlier in the evening anticipating trouble.  Her pump is also portable, it all fits in a little backpack.  Note to self-ensure the tubing is not kinked before going in to church.  The alarm went off a couple times.  Its amazing how quickly they adapt, she wants to learn how to run the machine.  She is not as self conscious about the NG tube as she was at the beginnning.  The other kids asked about it at first, but soon as they accepted it, she was fine.
Cheyenne is starting to pick at food.  Yesterday she ate a few bites of salmon and a yogurt for lunch and she had a small bowl of watermelon for a bedtime snack.  We aren't really limiting her sweets, however she only gets them AFTER she eats something of value.

Chey's hair is falling out by the fistfulls, and yet you can't really tell until you get up close.  It appears to be thinning.  Cheyenne was promised that she could buzz Daddy's hair, when the time came she didn't give Wyatt much choice either.  I forgot to take a picture when they were all done, but can post that later.
The first couple 'chunks' coming off

The soccor ball effect

Cheyenne's idea of a finished product

Cheyenne taking a swipe

Wyatt trying to do it himself

Daddy finishing the job

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  1. Wow Sonya it sounds like you are taking this all with a very brave face all for Cheyenne's benefit I'm sure. The buzz cuts are really sweet, especially since Cheyenne got to start them off :) We're still praying for strength in those scary moments and for more moments of joy throughout. Our God is good and will get you and your beautiful family through this. If you ever need someone to watch any or all of your kids while you are away with Cheyenne, feel free to drop them off. I am home everyday except Thurs. babysitting anyways. Love you!