Sunday, July 22, 2012

week 5

Cheyenne went for her week 5 treatment on Friday ( i'm sorry it has taken so long to post).  She also went down Tuesday to get her bump checked out because it had burst open.  The surgeons are keeping an eye on it and we are keeping dressings on it to prevent infection, but no decisions have been made yet as to whether or not they will remove it shortly.
Friday morning we headed down early, with high hopes that we would be one of the first to be seen and get home by 11.  We were at blood clinic for 8.  We had a new lab lady, I won't even go in to detailes about how wrong it went but every parent in clinic friday complained about her, so it was BAD.  We were up to clinic by 8:30(they start seeing you at 9) and were #3 so it wasn't to bad.  Chemo took a little bit to come up from pharmacy, she had her port accessed, and were heading home around 11:30.  Cheyenne's bloodwork was pretty good but we are expecting her immunity to get low this coming week.  She is feeling well, she has her periods of lethargy but that is to be expected.

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