Thursday, June 28, 2012

Week 2

Cheyenne was seen today by the oncologist who confirmed my suspicions that there was an infection brewing.  She has been placed on a stronger antibiotic for 1 week.  Hopefully this will make a difference to her bump.  She was also seen by the child life specialist who talked with her about the importance of taking your medication.  If anyone can get through to Cheyenne it would be Nancy.  Cheyenne loves her!!!
Wyatt and Brielle also had an appointment today at McMaster, so I took my Mom and she stayed with Cheyenne while I took the others to their appointment.
She received her chemo drug while I was gone with Wyatt and Brielle.  Thanks to Mom and Nancy for that.  I know it isn't an easy thing to endure.  While they were doing that they took off her steri-strips from her port incision(3+ weeks).  I have dubbed her the steri-strip queen because she refuses to let me take them off.
I am pleased to say that her appetite has returned, not as hearty as before, but is picking up.  We were told that todays chemo shouldn't have that effect on her.
I would please ask that while keeping Cheyenne and our family in your prayers that you also keep Micah in your prayers.  He had Stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma (the same as Cheyenne) and is going for his scan on Tuesday.  I have been blessed to be able to talk and question Belinda through the last few weeks.

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  1. Dear Dave, Sonya & family.....

    You have been on my heart the last little while but more importantly, in our prayers... Thanks so much for keeping us updated so we know where the prayer is needed the most... Thanks for giving us the good but also the concerns... Remember, the Lord know all and will never give you more then you can bear.... He will uphold you and sustain you... He will give you the grace, peace, patience, and understanding thought this trial.. Lean on Him!! What a great confort we have... Once again, we will keep you in our prayers!!! Thinking of you always..