Monday, June 25, 2012

Medicine wars

We were discharged from the hospital saturday afternoon.  It was nice to be home and all of us together, something you take for granted.  Brielle was so happy to see Cheyenne.  Wyatt gave her a once over from head to toe too. 
Cheyenne was a trooper at the hospital.  Poor thing was constantly having to go to the washroom because they were pumping her full of IV fluids.  Because we had prepared her for loosing her hair, she kept asking me to see if was falling out yet.  However, she would not take her meds.  At home we have battled with her too.  Wyatt has been the best at getting them into her.  I figure I gave meds in the nursing home how hard could it be?  Let me tell you she has yet to be tricked.  It isnt as easy as putting them into her mouth, she gets herself so worked up, she makes herself sick.
She has an upset stomach, but she won't take the meds to help with that.  Her appetite is varied also.  Saturday for supper she had cucumbers and sweet peppers, sunday crackers and cheese and so far today it has been pretzels.  She thinks she wants something, takes one bite and it doesn't taste good to her.  So far she has been keeping up her hydration.
She goes back this friday for her outpatient chemo.  They will reassess her and we will go from there.
Please pray for me, that I will have the patience needed to get her meds into her, and for her to tolerate food.
Thanks for keeping us in your prayers


  1. Sonya,
    You are brave and strong and I am so amazed by how well you are all doing. Wyatt has been great at school the past couple of days and seems okay with everything and quite confident and self-assured. Hugs to Cheyenne and to you all.
    Stephanie Munro

  2. Dear Sonya,
    You don't know me but I learned about your beautiful family from Tori Grinwis and have just fallen in love with little Cheyenne and your beautiful children. She is in my prayers as well as your whole family. What you are going through is every parents worst nightmare and I hope you feel prayers and support that surround you even as far as New Jersey.
    Kristen Goodrich