Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Birthday

June 15, 2008 was a special day in our family.  After a very stressful, high risk pregnancy, she finally was born.  It was a sunday morning, Father's day to be exact.  Cheyenne is a blessing, a gift from God.  Today is her 4th birthday, but instead of picking out her birthday outfit for a party, I am picking out an outfit to go to the doctors.  We have a meeting this morning at 11am to find out her final diagnosis.  This diagnosis determines the path in with her treatment plan takes.  This tells us just how much the dreadful disease has ravished her poor little body.

As I look back to four years ago I remember being told that I there was a chance I would loose my baby, or at best have premature labour.  I remember having to get the steroid shot to develope her lungs because of the bleeding I had around 24 weeks.  I remember all those who were praying for her before they ever knew her.  Lord, you have given me the greatest gift for 4 years.  As we go today, may I be reminded of the hundreds are people that are praying for our little girl, a child some have never met.  May we be strengthened by the prayer meeting that took place last night, and over the past weeks, of the friends and strangers that drove many miles to come and share our burden.  And ultimately, help me to remember that she is yours Lord, and that thy will be done.

Please pray for strength and understanding for us today, for wisdom with the doctors over the many months that are ahead, and for courage for my little girl.
I will post her treatment plan as soon as I am able to.


  1. Praying so much for you all today. Happy birthday sweet girl. Much love, Kate

  2. Thanks for posting Sonya! We're echoing your prayer for Cheyenne today. May only the peace that God can give surround you and your family. Love Eric & Sarah & Summer