Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27

Cheyenne's appointment has been moved up to tomorrow morning.  Her tumour (where the incision from her biopsy is) is fire red, hot to the touch and looks like it is ready to split at the seams.  I phoned yesterday, and was advised to put a pen line around to monitor its growth.  By lunch today it was well over the line so they are concerned it could be an infection. 

We are still working on the medications, some days are better than others.  Yesterday she took them fairly well without too much of a fight, today shes feeling better and  doesn't think she needs them anymore. 

Her appetite is slowly picking up.  Anyone who knows my children is aware of their awesome appetites.  It is so hard watching her pick at things she usually loves.  Day to day her taste changes.  She ate a bowl of oatmeal yesterday for breakfast, this morning she said it didn't taste right.  Today she enjoyed 3 fruit puree/yogurt freezies.

Thank-you for your continued prayers.

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