Friday, June 22, 2012

Treatment plan and chemo started

Yesterday (Thursday) we got the results back from her full body CT and they confirmed that she has only 1 tumour.  This means that she is in stage 1.  This is excellent news and an answer to many prayers.  Although this means that it is considered a low-risk, she will still be receiving 48 weeks of chemo.  These run in 3 week cycles.  She was hospitalized last night for hydration and will receive her chemo this morning.  She will spend a couple days in hospital.  Then she will visit the hospital once a week (for 2 weeks) to get her chemo injected directly into her port.  This is considered outpatient chemo.  At the end of week 12, they will rescan and reassess her to see if they will take a surgical route or if she will require radiation.
We came home after our appointment and waited for confirmation that they had a bed available.  We then headed back around 9pm to settle her down for the night.  We figured that if she was tired it might go a little easier.  Dave was staying with her but we brought her blanket, puppy dog and pillow anyways and set it up.  Cheyenne had different ideas and headed out of the room and down the hall yelling “I’m going home, I’m not staying here”.  The nurses assured us she wasn’t the first to try and escape.
By the time I had got there this morning, Cheyenne had found her groove.  First washroom trip and she was telling me how to arrange the hat in the toilet, and what to do it her IV started ringing.  She also disconnnected her IV to see how it worked.
Today she received 3 different chemo meds, one after the other.  By supper I could tell she was tired.   She has been sick (although it was after getting her oral med both times which makes me think that is the cause).
Thanks again to everyone for your support and prayers. 

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