Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fasting for CT

Just a quick update for you all.  Cheyenne had a CT scan of her head and torso today.  She is sedated for these which means that she has to fast (lets just say agony for all those involved). 
Today was the first time they accessed the port and administered her sedation through it.  It took 2 of us to hold and distract her and the nurse to place it.  They assured me that she did great for her first time, lets pray it gets better from her on because that is heartbreaking.
CT was running late so she wasn't scanned until 2pm.  By this point she was crying and begging anyone who would look at her to please feed me.
Cheyenne doesn't seem to have the usual doppiness after sedation.  She is sky-high and uncontrollable.  This is her 4th sedation in 5 weeks.  She is getting to be a pro at this, I am not.
We go back Thursday at 11am for our CT results and to (hopefully) get our treatment plan.  She will have bloodwork and then we will be admitted Thursday night for IV hydration and chemo on Friday.
Thank you for your continued prayer and support.

PS. Happy 80th Birthday Grandma
Cheyenne and her beloved 'old bama'
(Great-grandma Watson)


  1. Oh Sonya, that is not fun. We'll pray that it will get better with the IV's and go much faster. Tristan tells me every morning that he prayed for Cheyene when he woke up. What a great comfort we can take in all of this, that God our loving Father takes care and knows every little detail (even if we don't).

  2. Hi Sonya, you've been on my mind constantly since you first shared your news about Cheyenne. Praying for healing for your little girl and peace for your whole family! Nicholas and Hadasah are faithfully praying too! Love ya!
    Laura T.