Saturday, March 30, 2013

Week 36 complete

We have completed all scans and now will wait for the results.  We have clinic on wednesday for a physical and to prepare for admit Wednesday evening if all is good.  Her counts on Thursday were 0.5 so as long as she doesn't get sick then her counts should be high enough to proceed.
Thursday proved to be a very busy and testing day.  All 4 kids came with as well as my sister.  Wyatt, Brielle and Cassidy had to see the paediatric orthopedic dr.  Wyatt is done wearing his braces for good and just needs to continue with his exercises and follow-up in a year.  The doctor was impressed with Brielles improvement.  She had issues with her IT band which holds your hip in place.  Excercises alone have helped to resolve this and she was discharges from ortho.  Cassidy will be seen again in 6 months once she is fully walking.
After Cheyenne did fingerpoke and was accessed in clinic she headed down to MRI to begin the long wait.  Her test was scheduled for 11 and she wasn't taken in until 2:20.  All this was with her fasting.  She knew we were watching her closely and she tried her best to get fed.  She asked Sarah for her mastercard so she could go get lunch while they were waiting.  While I was getting dressed to go she made herself a cup of tea.  Fortunately I was on high alert and caught her before she drank it.
Once in the test takes about 1 hour to scan her head and about 45 minutes for her to wake up so we didnt get home until after 4.  A long, tiring day.
Thank you to everyone for your prayers and keeping us in your thoughts.  Once I get any news I will blog.

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