Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 35 complete

This has been a quiet ending to the week.  The week started out with a couple appointments, but we had the end of the week with no appointments.  It was such a nice break.  Monday morning was spent in the opthamologist office.  After her exam, it was decided that she would have a reassessment in 3 months time.  Her eyes are healthy and there were no growths seen.  This was a concern of the oncology team.  She does have problems with her vision up close, but the dr thought it best to hold off on giving her glasses.  He was thinking of her well-being, she was rather upset because she thought she would get them right then and there.
Tuesday we were set for a long day.  Cheyenne was NPO (fasting) from midnight and her CT was scheduled for 1pm.  We were at fingerpoke around 9 and because she didn't need chemo we were seen fairly quickly in clinic.  We had her port accessed by her nurse in clinic.  I headed down early to the CT hoping that if they had a cancellation Cheyenne could be seen sooner.  They took her in right away and she was so brave and did her test without sleepy medicine.  They still used the port to administer the contrast dye, and then was deaccessed in clinic after.  The best thing was we were on our way home before her scheduled appointment time.
Because Cheyenne's counts were relatively high on Tuesday we were given the okay forher to go to school Wednesday and Thursday.  She had a great time and it was very quiet around the house without her.
This week Thursday Cheyenne has her MRI which is sedated.  Please keep Cheyenne in your prayers this week as she gets really anxious about sedation.

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