Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Week 33 and update on Crystal

We spent the morning at McMaster.  It was an early morning because we had to be at fingerpoke, then register in clinic, and then head over to see Dr MacLean her ENT specialist.  According to Dr MacLean the eye wandering/crossing is not related to the surgery.  His thoughts are that it is med related, or just lazy eyes.  She didn't exactly make the exam easy for him but instead sat there with a frown/half grin, his response was "Thanks Chey now I know your nerves are good".
We headed back to clinic and waited for what seemed like forever.  Today was haematology day so we knew no one in clinic, and the routine was completely different.  Chey's counts were surprisingly low (0.1), so we are on the lookout for fevers.  I was expecting them to be higher even though she is day 12.  This round she never went off her food and her energy level has been exhaustingly great.  So much so that I have been teaching her to fold laundry, load the dishwasher and even doing some schooling with her.  She wants me to teach her ho to make supper, I wish Cheyenne!
The oncologist also examined her eyes, and decided that we would keep monitoring her eyes and wait until next mondays appointment if necessary to see an opthamologist(sp?).
As it stands Cheyenne is scheduled for her pre-admit appointment next monday.  If her counts are high enough(0.75) she will be admitted Monday night(bed space permitting) for chemo Tuesday. I was able to switch her pre-op appointment(for MRI sedation) to the tuesday afternoon while she is inpatient.  Her MRI is booked for March 28th.  We are able to do the CT (chest) without sedation but have not yet gotten a date.
I was able to pop in and see Crystal, she was out of isolation(for her safely b/c her neutropenia is so severe) and looked a little better.  Her second x-ray came back same as the first and she has been put on meds to help clear the blockage.  She is still on clear fluids for now.

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