Monday, March 4, 2013

Urgent prayer request

 This is Cheyenne's good friend Crystal.  I have mentioned her in previous blog posts.   This evening I received a text that Crystal was not doing well.  Cheyenne and Crystal both received there chemo 2 weeks ago when we shared a room for treatment.  Crystal was hospitalized last wednesday for neutropenic fever.  Today she was in exreme abdominal pain and was sent for an x-ray.  The results show thatshe has a bowel obstruction.  Cheyenne had one early on in her treatment but was resolved with laxative meds alone.  They prefer to try this method first due to the risk for infection, and blood count issues.  Last I talked with Ida (her mom), they were waiting on the surgical team for a consult.  Please pray for Crystal and her mother Ida.  She has had such a tough journey.  When we see how hard some of these kids have to fight we realized how blessed we are by how Cheyenne has handled everything thus far.  With each round of chemo your body has a tougher time.  Crystal has 2 rounds left, and struggles so much with each round.  Please keep her in your prayers also.  Thank you 

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  1. prayed! pleading this is resolved and that Jesus is near them!!!