Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 32 - a little late ;)

Sorry I have been so delayed getting an update posted.  Cheyenne had her 32 week chemo appointment on Thursday.  It was a pretty routine appointment however, the last few weeks there has been a problem getting her blood tested.  The process is automated and every so often the machine will 'reject' a blood sample.  If this happen the blood has to be sent down to the JCC hospital to be manually tested.  This past week was the third time.  I am told that once it start.  This it will continue.  This means a lot of extra time.  it adds an additional 2 hours on of waiting for lab results.  On the average in clinic chemo days her chemo is not dependant of her neutrophil counts so they can still go ahead and order the chemo.  On the days where we are having our pre-admission completed it will effect more so.  Please pray that this will not continue to be a problem.
Over the past few days I have noticed that Cheyenne's eyes are crossing.  Usually not both at the same time however enough times that I thought it strange.  In passing I mentioned it to Andrea (Cheyenne's nurse, after her chemo had been administered) apparently because her meds had already been given she could no longer be assessed.  I was asked to bump up her appointment with Dr McLean (ENT).  He was the surgeon who located the facial nerves during her surgery.  There are a few reasons why this could happen.  The vincristi.  Chemo that she receives weekly causes nerve endings to 'sleep'.  She sometimes gets droopy eyelids, looses sensation in fingers and feet(some kids walk slapfoot, others toe walk), and also causes problems to her bowels.  It could be a problem completely unrelated to the chemo, in which case she would see an eye doctor.  I am trying not to worry about what else could be causing this, and will be heading back this coming Wednesday for her appointment.  She will also be seen in clinic for her chemo on Wednesday.  If her counts are able to rebound by next Monday she will be admitted for chemo inpatient Tuesday.  The next round of chemo will be a scan round which means that she will have a break from the vincristine drug for all 3 weeks.  This will also better help to determine if her eye issue is related to the meds.
Cheyenne has a MRI booked for March 28th.  This is booked under sedation, which means that we have a pre-op booked for next week also(in the process of trying to change the time so I don't have to go twice in one day).  We don't have a date yet but she will also be having CT of her chest.

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