Monday, March 25, 2013

a few thoughts and an update on Crystal

I was reading my emails today and came across Ann Voskamp's blog.  I would strongly encourage you to listen to the interview of Tiffany, mother to Bailey.  Her daughter, 10, just finished her chemo and has had major reconstructive surgery.  She lost the bottom of her leg to osteosarcoma.  In listening to what she had to say I was touched and went on to read through her blog.  I feel that I should share two particular posts.  It is so hard to put these thoughts into words but she has done it.
How To Serve Those Who Are Suffering (Part 1)
How To Minister To Those Who Are Suffering (Part 2)

For those who have asked about Crystal.  I received a text from Ida(Crystal's mom) who said that they were able to spend about 5 days at home after chemo before having to be readmitted for a neutropenic fever sunday night.  Crystal has one last large dosage of chemo; however, she was refusing to take it.  She gets very sick and has a hard time with every round of chemo.  Please join us in praying that she will finish her protocol of treatment.  If she is still inpatient when we go Thursday I will be able to pop in and see her.  I was also warned that there is C-diff and norwalk going around the hospital. 

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