Saturday, February 23, 2013

Inpatient chemo - week 31

We have arrived home safely after our 2 night stay for Cheyenne's chemo.  I was pleasantly surprised that we were able to stay out of the hospital the last round infection free.  Cherry on the top was that a stomach bug hit our house last week and Cheyenne avoided it.
We went in for her bloodwork and assessment thursday for pre-admission.  For some strange reason the machine eith 'accepts' the blood or 'rejects' it.  This is the second time now where it has been rejected (remember a couple weeks back during the snowstorm?).  The blood slide is then sent by taxi down to the JCC(Henderson) Hospital to be manually read.  This meant an extra 2 hour wait for blood results.  A long day for us and a couple other families thursday.  Before we even left the hospital we had got the call that Cheyenne had a bed reseved for thursday night.  We were fortunate to room with Cheyenne's friend Crystal and her mom Ida again.  It makes such a difference when you are in a room with someone you know and can talk to.  Even being able to leave the room and go off of the ward knowing that Cheyenne will have company is comforting.  Cheyenne spent most of yesterday lounging in Crystal's bed.  She keeps them laughing and helps to keep Crystals mind off her chemo.  Cheyenne doesn't really know what her chemo does and how serious this is.  To her it is no different than a cold, or a headache.  For the older kids they understand so much more. 
After chemo yesterday she was really nauseous, and so when supper cart came around she didn't want anything (in all fairness the fishsticks and fries arent exactly appetizing).  Usually I bring along food from home and she will eat something.  Although she didn't want her supper, she didn't want me to eat her perogies either, so our room ordered Swiss Chalet delivery.  For a little girl who wasn't hungry, she ate the better portion of my meal.
As usual she was so excited to come home and see 'the kids'.  We will be going back thursday next week and wednesday the week after.  This will gain us a couple days to get her back on her original schedule so that she can finish her chemo just before her 5th birthday.
Thanks to all who have kept Cheyenne and our family in your prayers.  We also are thankful for the many who have helped to meet our needs in so many different ways.  We are truly humbled by your support.

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