Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week 28 completed

   We are home after Cheyenne's inpatient week 28.  We were at clinic thursday for her fingerpoke and physical.  Her counts were high enough for chemo to proceed but not as high as usual.  They were 1.1.  With everything going around they told me that her body is probably just trying to fight something off.
   On thursday evening we headed in for hydration overnight.  We were fortunate in that just before we got there the roommate had been discharged, and we had the room to ourselves until suppertime yesterday.  Cheyenne was not in good spirits when we arrived and she never really perked up while there either.  By yesterday she had developed a good productive cough.  She has no fever so for now we take a watch and see approach. 
Our stay was pretty uneventful, she was a little more nauseaus than normal, but they just gave her some additional gravol. 
   We were discharged this morning, and when we arrived home the kids were so excited to see each other.  To my dismay all the kids have the cold.  So I unpacked the bags, did wash, and am working on repacking the bags.  I anticipate that if she gets a fever we will be back at the hospital.
Please pray for Cheyenne that her body can fight this cold.  And that her counts will not bottom out for too long.  Depending on what happens in the next few weeks could mean that she needs to be started on the GCSF needles.

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