Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 29

This past week has not been the easiest, but we managed to stay home and not have any fevers, so for that we are grateful.  The nasty cold bug that is going around found its way into our house and over the past week all 4 kids as well as Dave have been fighting it.  Happy to say that it seems to be over, except for Cassidy, but she is teething also so it is hard to tell which symptoms are from what.
We headed to the hospital bright and early this morning.  It was a long, crazy drive.  The main roads hadn't even been plowed.  I wasn't really concerned because we have 4 wheel drive but then we came to the huge windy hill going into Dundas.  it was horrible.  There were vehicles spinning out coming up the hill and people were going down the hill one at a time.  Isn't too bad as long as everyone is patient.
Cheyenne was the second person into clinic so we didn't have to wait long, but we didn't get her complete counts.  I do know that her haemoglobin and platelets have dropped some, but the results were still pending for her neutrophils(immunity).  I called back when I got home, but I think the team finished up clinic early and headed home.  I think in total only 5 kids came in today.
So I don't really know what her counts are like and we just have to watch for fevers.  Please pray for Cheyenne that she will start feeling better, and that her blood counts will pick up.  I will update the blog once I know what her counts are.


  1. Thanks for the updates, continuing to pray for you all. Harry & Trudy

  2. What a brave little girl, 29 weeks.. she must get that courage from her equally strong mother :)