Friday, February 15, 2013

week 30

Yesterday we headed down to McMaster for counts.  We went a day early for a couple reasons.  First, her counts were not actually completed last week and I was concerned about her haemaglobin being even lower and potentially needing a transfusion.  Second reason was that my sisters father in law, Grandpa Beef as the kids call him, passed away. The funeral is tomorrow but initially wasnt sure when it would be.  While talking about funerals we overheard Cheyenne telling the other kids that Uncle Roy was going to plan her funeral.  A long chat followed about how yes death is possible for all ages and that is why you must be prepared for eternity, but we pray that she will not die and that God will heal her from her cancer.
While at clinic yesterday I was amazed at Cheyenne's blood counts.  Her neuts were 0.7 and her haemoglobin was 86.  So we didnt have to have a transfusion, and so far it looks like her counts will be recovered high enough for chemo next week.  She is scheduled to be inpatient next week and in order to proceed with the next round of chemo her neutrophils(immunity) have to be 0.75.  Once Cheyenne starts to climb, she usually jumps leaps and bounds.  This also is important to me because it will also mean that we won't have to do the gcsf shots.  I realize that over time her body will get tired and have a harder time rebounding from the chemotherapy, but the less amount of things that she needs extra, the better.
Because Cheyenne's counts were ok yesterday, we were able to stop in and say hello to her classmates.  She wasn't able to stay for the party, but she enjoyed just seeing everyone.  Hopefully by April when the colds and flus should be over she will be able to resume going to school a couple days a week, dependent on her counts of course.  You can really tell that she spends a lot of time interacting with adults.  It shows in her mannerisms, vocabulary and behaviour.
On the home front we all seem to be over the cold that went around.  Cassidy has popped 2 teeth in the past weekend, and I am very grateful for my happy little girl back.  Words in her vocabulary include, HI, DAD, ITS HOT, and MAMA, but she never calls me that when I am around.  Apparently she calls for me when I am not around, I wouldnt believe it, but yesterday when I came back from the appointment she was calling for me.  The minute she saw me she started calling for dad.  The kids and David all enjoyed the snow last weekend.  Plenty of rides and tobogganing.  It made for a quiet day indoors.
Please continue to pray for our family and Cheyennes healing.


  1. Thanks for having me over last week - enjoyed Cheyenne's choice for supper - salmon and greek salad - awesome, even though Wyatt didn't like the veggies!!! :)

    1. We enjoyed having you over. I'm glad you can see the funny side of the veggie escapade! Enjoy your snowmobiling and safe travels.