Friday, January 25, 2013

The past few weeks

Cheyenne enjoying the snow

Wyatt posing for his picture on the GT

Cheyenne getting a tow on the GT

(L-R) Cheyenne, David and Brielle towing Wyatt behind

Cassidy (just celebrated her first birthday) out for a stroll

    We have all been enjoying the snow over the past few weeks.  As you can tell, the kids love to get suited up, helmets and all, and go for a ride.  Because Cheyenne has had extensive reconstructive surgery to her head we have to be extra careful when she is tobogganing and such that she doesn't do any damage, so helmets are a necessity.
   Today was a busy day at the hospital.  Cheyenne had her bloodwork done, her counts aren't high (0.6) but are good considering where she is in her round.  This is her low week, so usually we see 0.1.  Next week she will be in Thursday for her counts and physical and then admitted at night if everything is good, and they have a bed.  Please pray that her counts will continue to recover.  Cheyenne also received her outpatient chemo today, NO tears.
  After we visited with our friends, we went to see Dr Choi, her plastic surgeon.  We were supposed to have a follow-up in December, and in the chaos over the holidays I forgot.  Then she was supposed to see him last week and...I remembered after I had gotten home.  You know how good this doctor is when he tells me not to bother with making an appointment, just stop in and see him when we have the time.  Cheyenne really likes him.  He is very kind and considerate to her and always asks if she has any questions.  My 4 going on 40 year old has taken that to mean what is her opinion of the situation.  She was acting really shy so I was saying to her (thinking she maybe didn't remember him, it had been awhile) that Dr Choi is the one who cut off bumpy.  He was quick to reply that he just closed the hole the other doctors left behind.  Cheyenne told him with a straight face, I know who you are, You're the reason I am here every week!  Nothing like blaming your doctor for your problems.
  Overall we have tried to stay around home and keep everyone as healthy as possible.  Please pray that we will continue to be able to keep it that way.  In order to keep Cheyenne off of the GCSF we need to keep her counts good, chemo on schedule and no fevers. 

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