Monday, January 14, 2013

Done week 25

I realize I am a little late posting this one but I figured I may as well wait and write about todays outcome at the same time.
Cheyenne was able to get a bed on friday night.  She was second on a waiting list of 17 kids needing chemo.  There is a huge back log right now because there is so much illness being passed around.  The simple runny nose can put these kids in the hospital if their counts are in the low range(i'll get to this a little later).
Cheyenne did well with her chemo this round.  She munched away on a bag of pistachios which was a little unusual because she normally doesn't touch food once her chemo starts.  When the doctor came around to see us on Saturday he asked for one and she told him "NO, You can't put your hands on my food they are dirty".  Not that I let her be selfish, but she has figured out pretty quickly that she can get germs off of her food, now to teach that to others.... 
When Cheyenne was getting discharged on Sunday morning they wanted to give her a GCSF injection.  This is a growth factor that stimulates the bone marrow to make more white blood cells.  Because of Cheyenne's delay in treatment last week for her low counts, this is what her protocol calls for.  We had a lot of unanswered questions and concerns about it so we chose to go back today and discuss further.  I can't even put into words how having to make these decisions feel.  There is no right or wrong decision, and we have to determine how this will effect her today, tomorrow and in the years to come(Lord willing).  I will not go into the details of how we came to our decision, but I would like to ask that you please be respectful of it.  I pray you never have to make such decisions. 
After a lengthy meeting it was decided that we would forgo the GCSF treatment this cycle(3weeks).  We pray that Cheyenne's counts will bounce back quickly as they have in the past.  If Cheyenne ends up with prolonged neutropenia causing delay in treatment, or a hospitalization for an infection then she would start receiving the treatment in the following cycle.   Because I would rather she not have to get the shots(oh yah, I would be giving her needles for 5-10 days each cycle) I really don't want her to get sick.
In order for us to keep Cheyenne as healthy as possible, we need to keep the germs away, so this is a kind reminder to all PLEASE don't visit if you are sick.  Also for the well-being of EVERYBODY don't go to large group gatherings if you know you are sick.  This includes school, church and parties.  These kinds of viruses can be life-threatening to those with compromised immune systems.
Thank-you for your continued prayers and support.


  1. Thanks for the ongoing updates Sonya - still praying for you all - hugs to Cheyenne!

  2. Our docs never gave us a choice about GCSF. Even in the beginning when her counts were sky-high. At least one good thing about it is that they're some of the less painful shots. Half the time, my daughter doesn't even cry. Best of luck staying infection-free!