Thursday, January 3, 2013

thursday evening

Cheyenne's has improved as the day went on.  Her temperature was good throughout the day.  The real test will be if it stays down through the night.  That is usually when it creeps back up.
We had a few accomplishments during the day.  Cheyenne ate 1/2 a rice krispy square(totally not nutritious but its a start).  She is starting to drink more, and she has made it out of the bed for a couple hours.  Granted we can't leave the room so she is limited to pestering, and rearranging furniture.  This evening she was standing at the door trying to get anyones attention she could.  Please pray that Cheyenne's counts will go up so that we can stay somewhat on her chemo schedule.  If her counts take too long to recover she may need GCSF.  This will bumpstart her bone marrow production(this in essence is her immunity).

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  1. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. We will pray that she won't need GCSF and her counts come up on their own. Getting an extra needle a day is not fun. I can just picture her standing by the door of her room. It makes me smile!