Friday, January 4, 2013

We are Home!!!

So glad to be writing this post from home while enjoying a hot cup of tea.  Cheyenne's counts this morning were the same as yesterday(0.1), however because her fever has been gone for 24 hours(usually they make you wait for 48 hours) and her blood cultures have come back negative for the second day they decided to let us go home.  I know that Cheyenne eats better when at home and I would rather her up and about than continuously watching TV from the confines of her bed.  We are on strict orders that we are to bring her back immediately if she gets a fever again, and NO VISITORS.  So we will be going nowhere until monday morning when we have clinic to get her bloodwork checked.  If her counts have recovered we will be admitted monday evening for chemo tuesday.  Please pray that she will eat, and that her counts will recover by monday(must be 0.75 to resume chemo).
I also would ask that you please check out the following blog about a sweet little guy named Collin.  He was recently diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and started his chemo on boxing day.  Although I don't know his family personally, they are from the Waukesha Wisconsin assembly.  Collin(4yrs) is the big brother to Cooper(15months) and Luke(5weeks).    Please keep them in your prayers also.

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