Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No chemo yet

Oops, I forgot to update the blog last night.  Yesterday morning we headed to McMaster bright and early for fingerpoke and clinic.  Cheyenne's counts have improved (0.6 - they were 0.1 on friday when we left hospital) but are not yet high enough for chemo(0.75).  Usually once her counts increase they really jump so they are confident that her counts will be fine on thursday when we have our next clinic visit.  The plan is then for her to be admitted thursday night for chemo on friday.
On saturday when the kids were goofing around Cheyenne accidently pulled out her NG tube.  She is eating great now that we are home so that isn't a concern for me, but we really need it in the medicine department.  Right now it is extremely important that we get her antibiotic into her.  And of course in my effort to be quick at clinic on monday, I forgot to get them to put it back in.  So please pray for us the next couple days that Cheyenne will be co-operative.

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