Thursday, January 10, 2013

No chemo :(

So we are enjoying a quiet night at home but not because of Cheyenne's counts, instead they have no available beds on the floor.  Hopefully we will be able to get a bed tomorrow evening so that she can receive her chemo on Saturday.
This morning started out early with Cheyenne's fingerpoke and clinic visit.  Fingerpoke went relatively smooth, and then we headed up to clinic for results.  Her counts were great and had sprung up from 0.6 on monday to 3.0 today.  Her platelets and hemoglobin were high and she has grown a little too.  We got her port accessd in clinic because she handles regular staff better than if she got an unfamiliar nurse at admission.  We also got her NG tube put back in.  This didn't go so well and 2 nurses, the child life and myself wore the mini-wheats from Chey's breakfast.  After we got her all cleaned up, she went out and did medical roleplay.  I would love to know the statistics of how many chemo patients go on to be medical professionals.
When we were all done at clinic for the day we headed over to the unit so Cheyenne could visit Grandma Teresa, and I got a cuddle with sweet little Charlotte.  Please pray for Jeremy and Jessica as they wait for Charlotte's test results.  I can think back to the time of the 'unknown' with Cheyenne, and then getting the results.  That wait was so hard, and getting the Cancer diagnosis wasn't easy, or the answer that we had hoped and prayed for.  So please pray that they will soon get answers about Charlotte's health.

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