Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week 44 complete

It has been a busy week, and rather cool too.  Cheyenne headed to school tuesday and wednesday.  She had a fall on the playground and hit her port.  And yes, we hyperventilate about this.  If it gets damaged or infected she would have to have it replaced.   We headed to McMaster thursday to get an earlier look at it.  It appeared to be ok and she got her chemo through it with no issues so we were happy.
Tonight putting Cheyenne to bed I noticed she was complaining of being cold and took her temp.  She has a neutropenic fever(we are to call at 37.8), we called the oncologist and they said if it geta any worse I am to bring her in.  I am to check it every couple hours.  Last I checked it had come down to 37.7, so hopefully she can fight this without iv antibiotics.   Please pray for continued strength as Cheyenne finishes her chemo.  2 weeks to go!

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