Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 41 complete

It has been such beautiful weather and we are enjoying getting outside, so much so that I keep putting off updating the blog. 
Cheyenne was able to go to school 2 days last week and today as well.  She enjoys school once there and comes home with plenty of exciting news but getting her there isn't as easy.  She puts up quite the fuss getting on the bus, it is probably a small issue but those who have dealt with Cheyenne know that once you make a statement, you need to follow through.  I told her she was going to school, and all was well until she found out that I went to town for groceries and Brielle got to stay at Grandmas by herself.  In essense she thinks she is missing out on something better. 
The kids have been having so much fun in the sandbox and on the bikes, a few minor wipeouts (Cheyenne is a clutz) but lots of smiles and exhausted kiddies at bedtime.
Last friday we headed down to clinic for counts and her little chemo.  Cheys counts were down to 1.1, so they were dropping but she wasn't neutropenic yet.  We are headed back thursday morning for clinic and then thursday afternoon we will be spending in pre-op to visit the anaesthesiologist.  This is in preparation for her sedated MRI mid June.  This appointment is pretty boring and considering we have to do it every 3 months, I wish we could skip it. 
We are so thankful for all who have faithfully prayed for, and continue to pray for Cheyenne and our Family.  I know that I previously asked that you would pray for Wyatt as he was having a hard time and feeling very left out.  Wyatt got a few parcels last week in the mail from Supersibs.  He was so excited, he got 2 beads to start his very own Beads of courage-sibling.  Friday a trophy came in the mail.  To say he is proud (it even has his name on it) would be an understatement.  I will try and get a picture and post later this week. 
We are now counting down the chemos with Cheyenne, 5 to go!

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