Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 42 complete

Last thursday Cheyenne had her chemo treatment and bloodwork done.  Her ANC(neuts) counts were very low, 0.1 but her Hmg and platelets were good.  We were on fever lookout friday and she ran a lowgrade fever most of the day but thankfully we were able to avoid a trip to emerg.
This past week was hard on many other levels.  Wednesday morning we got word that one of the boys from clinic lost his battle against cancer.  Matteo was just 2 days shy of his 13th birthday.  I also later found out that another boy from clinic passed away wednesday evening, Matthew, also 13 years old.  These people become our families, we see most of them on a weekly basis, and we very much share in each others victories and mourn with each others losses.  It really makes us be grateful for each day we are given with our families.
Thank you to all those who have kept Cheyenne and our family in your prayers throughout the past year.


  1. So sorry and so thankful that thus far Cheyenne has been blessed. Amanda

  2. Praying for these families!