Tuesday, May 28, 2013

update may 28 morning

We had a pretty uneventful night.  We were up quite late because who knew that a blood transfusion gives you more energy than a shot of expresso.  Cheyenne was bouncing around until 1am.
On the plus side she slept in until 1030 this morning.
I got her counts back this am.  Her ANC has crept up to 0.1.  This is encouraging, it means her body is starting to rebuild her bone marrow, hence her immune system is at least working.  She is still neutropenic but 0.0 means there is nothing.  Usually once Cheyenne starts to move up she rebounds quickly.
Cheyenne's haemoglobin has jumped up from 63 to 91.  I wasn't really that impressed by the counts I thought it should be higher until the Nurse Practitioner told me most people only gain 10 points from a transfusion and some require another one the second day.  So I will rejoice that this is not the case.
If Cheyenne continues to remain fever free she will have a 48hr(from last fever) blood culture taken tonight and if all is good we will be discharged tomorrow at some point.  Before we go home the will give Cheyenne her vincristine chemo.  That way we won't have to come into clinic on Thursday morning.  That will save us some time.  Thursday afternoon Cheyenne has a follow-up appointment with Dr MacLean(the ENT surgeon).
Thanks to those who continue to keep us in your prayers.  It helps to know that so many are praying for you and you don't feel alone.

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