Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Week 43 complete

Another week has quickly passed along with another hospital admission for chemo.  Last wednesday night Cheyenne was admitted to receive her chemo thursday.  She was more tired than usual and slept most of the day.  This was easier because we had the room to ourselves until almost midnight thursday.  It was a pretty quiet admission because I tried to pack light and didn't bring my usual crafts.  I have learned my leason and will pack it and leave it in the vehicle next time incase the opportunity arises.  There is only so much Caillou one can watch and still be classified sane!
We were able to be discharged fairly early but by the time Cheyenne actually woke up and was ready to go it was almost noon.  She bounced back pretty well and the kids have all enjoyed the beautiful weather over the weekend.
Cheyenne was able to go to school today and hopefully tomorrow aand thursdaay also.  We head back to McMaster on friday for her small outpatient chemo.  3 to go!

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