Saturday, September 29, 2012

She is smiling!!!

Wednesday just done the surgery, in PCCU
The last couple days have been hard.  Hard because you see your child laying in a bed knowing that you consented for the doctors to perform the surgery on them.  In my head I know the medical reasons and all the risks, but to actually see them laying there, you can't be prepared for.

Thursday Morning

Getting ready to transfer.  Notice how BIG these rooms are.  They were just recently moved and updated.

Thursday afternoon-swelling starting


right side- She will still require another surgery down the road for the cosmetics part-the repositioning of the ear and to fill the hole left from the removal of the tumour

Moved back to familiar ground

And for those who ask how we do it taking cassidy is her living quarters!
The swelling that she has is starting to get better, but it does get worse before it can get better.

Poor thing, her eye was completely swelled shut yesterday morning
This morning Cheyenne is smiling, talking and giving orders.  For those who know her, this is her normal.  Her pain is under control mostly with tylenol.  She has no complaints about her head, but the skin graft on her buttock is uncomfortable to her.  She is unaware of the meaning of the pain.  In her mind she has determined that the catheter had a needle on it and left her a sore.  I am not going to correct her yet.  I'll tell her the truth when the pain is in her distant memory. 

On the day of Cheyenne's surgery, her school had the Terry Fox run and the Pogo Raise awareness for Childhood Cancer.  Mrs Munro (Cheyenne's teacher) sent me a few pictures.  It brought tears to my eyes.  All the little kids with their stickers saying "I am running for Cheyenne".  I am only including a couple pictures of the sidewalk, I think you understand why.

Thank you so much to everyone for your thoughts, prayers and kind words of support and encouragement.
love David and Sonya

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  1. Continuing to pray for all of you. For the peace of God, for healing, for strength in these difficult days. Keep trusting our God! Harry & Trudy