Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Midway through surgery-1pm

First of all we would like to say thank you to everyone who has kept us in their thoughts and prayers today.
Cheyenne was taken in to surgery around 9 this am.  She was not impressed with me, she kept asking me to take her home.  Last week she told me she would "keep 'bumpy', he is getting small and I really don't want the dr to cut me with a sharp knife".  In all fairness it was slightly overwhelming walking into a OR room with over 10 people staring at you.  The surgery today is being done in two parts.  The tumor was successfully removed with 'mimimal' nerve damage to her face(they won't know for sure until after surgery).  The doctors then waited until the got back a frozen section pathology report from the margin tissues.  They came to let us know that the preliminary results said cancer was not in surrounding tissue(final results will take approx a week).  They are going ahead with a scalp rotation and skin graft; however, they are not going to be filling the empty cavity with flesh as previously thought.  Because they had to remove tissue right to the bone, there would be no blood supply for the tissue to connect to and be nourished by.  Cheyenne will have a depression/hollow at this sight.  When her chemo (and possibly radiation) is complete she will then have further plastics work done.  I will update gain this evening and let you alll know how the remainder of the surgery has went. 
Thanks again, Sonya, David and Cheyenne


  1. Thankyou for the update!!! We have been thinking & praying for you all today. From what I understand from reading this, things are looking hopeful as far as the cancer. Praying the reports come back with positive news for Chey. I hope her recovery goes ok. Praying for you and Dave!! Even the best outcome is hard for you both. Please let me know if I can help. Kate

  2. Praying all day for you & Cheyenne. So thankful that it all seems positive despite the scariness of it all. Wishing your sweet little girl a quick recovery in time for the next round. Love the Vlietstra's

  3. Thinking of you all today, and praying for God's strength to be given to each one of you in your particular needs and to Chey in her recovery.