Wednesday, September 26, 2012

surgery is complete-6pm

Cheyenne is out of surgery and moved up to ICU as of 7 this evening.  It has been a long, exhausting day.  The doctors are pleased with the outcome.  All tumour was removed and the rotation and graft was completed.  I'm not going to lie, she is a very sore looking girl and I took a second glance because I didn't recognize her.  She has some swelling and they have warned us that it will get worse in the next week.  She will be in ICU for the next couple days and in hospital for at least a week.  Her wounds are covered to keep her from picking at them.  They will sedate her to change the dressings and check the graft in 1 week.  They have an iv into the artery at her wrist, and she is hooked up to numerous monitors.  She is extremely groggy still (that in part is due to being under anaesthetic for 9 hours). 

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