Thursday, September 27, 2012

Out of PCCU

This morning Cheyenne was moved from Pediatric Critical Care Unit to the oncolgy ward.  The move was surprising to us because we had been told she would be be in PCCU for a couple days, but there is a certain calmness and relief being back on familiar turf.  We are known by the staff while walking through the halls, and Cheyenne loves her nurses.  Cheyenne is quite swollen, and it will get progressively worse over the next few days .  This evening she was awake for an extended period of time, up to that she was drifting in and out.  We were told that this had something to do with her being under anaesthetic for over 9 hours.
Cheyenne isn't really talking right now.  It makes for a long day not having her to talk to.  Thank you for praying for us over the past few days.  It has been exhausting, and I am tired, so good-night.

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