Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We are Home!

I am glad to say that we are home.  Cheyenne was really good the past few days.  She responded well to the nurses.  She wasn't exactly excited to be sedated yesterday for her dressing change, but to be fair the last time they sedated her they did major surgery.  I can understand her distrust.  While she was sedated we took off all her stickies and IV's not needed.  They also changed her dressing.  Healing will take time and her scars will eventually fade.  She was a champ today getting her port de-accessed.  She even surprised herself "I didn't even cry". 

Cheyenne with her 'bow' on the stocking hat...we are starting a new trend!
 Cheyenne will go back friday for bloodwork and a dressing change.  The wound is fairly complex where they did the skin graft, so they will do the first few in the Plastics Clinic.  Then as she becomes more tolerable of the dressing changes, we will have the nurse Jenn do them at home.

Thanks for all who sent crafts and gifts to entertain Cheyenne.  We appreciate the thoughfulness.  And thanks to those who came for visits. 

Thanks again for all who have so faithfully and fervently prayed for Cheyenne over the past week and months. 

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  1. What a blessing! So glad to see her smiling! Our God is faithful and so good.