Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

Friday, Cheyenne had her follow-up with plastics and oncology.  The results from her surgery were in.  They were pleased that they had not only got all the tumour, but they got negative margin test results.  There is still a high probability that she will need radiation therapy.  We will get the final verdict on that next friday.  Cheyenne's bloodwork was good also.  Post-op her counts had dropped quite a bit, but they had recovered by yesterday.  Dr Choi (plastics) was very pleased the healing thus far.  He changed her dressing to a very low maintenance dressing that requires no tape (she has alot of anxiety having the tape removed).  He is a very sensitive doctor to Cheyenne's feelings and needs.  So her basic dressing is aquacel ag covering the skin graft area held in place with an elastic stockinette.  The rest of her incisions need polysporin once a day. 
We do not have any dates yet as to when her chemotherapy will resume as the Plastic surgeon needs to be happy with the healing.  He has final say. 
Cheyenne is up and bouncing around and acting like her old self.  I don't think we realized how much this was affecting her. 
We are so grateful for the doctors' wisdom and experience, but ultimately we give glory to God for his guiding hand and unfailing love.
Tomorrow Cheyenne has a follow-up with Dr Maclean, the ENT specialist who was in charge of the surgery.  He will check on the nerves in her face.  Their primary concern was her eyelid still functioning to protect the eye.  We have not seen any problems.  She also has another appointment booked for Friday with Plastics again. 

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  1. We are praising God with you for negative margins! Wow what a blessing.