Wednesday, October 31, 2012

still waiting....

I realize you have all been asking what is going on with Cheyenne's treatment.  Chemo?  Radiation?  When?  How much?  And the only answer that I am able to give you all is that we still don't know.  I have had about 15 different answers thus far and seeing as it is ever changing I will give you the little info that I do know.

Cheyenne has an appointment tomorrow at the Juravinski Cancer Centre to have her mask made for radiation.  Once the mask has been made they will do a CAT scan of her head (Please pray for all involved because this will be done without sedation).  Once they get the results of this scan they will be able to make a better judgement regarding her treatment.  The easiest way to describe it is that the area being treated is very close to the bone.  And the temporal lobe of her brain is on the other side of the bone.  They have to be very careful as to the amount of radiation that Cheyenne is exposed to so that she doesn't suffer from long-term damage.  There are different options available to us, and we are waiting patiently for the doctors to come to their conclusions.  Please pray that the doctors will have wisdom as they make these decisions.
Originally we were told that Chey would receive chemo along side her radiation, then we were told no.  Today I received a call to say that I was to be prepared for admit thursday night for chemo on Friday.  All this is tentative, and we will get our final answer tomorrow.  Reason being is that one of her meds can not be received while on radiation.

It can be very frustrating with the constant change and not being able to plan and such, but I have confidence that they are doing what is BEST for Cheyenne.  I know that they are spending time researching what would be optimum in her situation. 

Thanks for being patient I will update once I have more information.

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