Saturday, August 18, 2012

Week 9

Cheyenne had her week 9 treatment yesterday.  it is getting a little easier with each appointment.  She still does not like finger poke, but it is necessary and so there is no alternative.  Her counts are slowly creeping up; however, she is still neutropenic.  Again this week she helped the nurse to access her port and push through her meds.  Cheyenne is really seeing the benefit of the chemo now as we can visually see size differences in her bump from week to week.
She is still getting her feeds throughout the nights.  We seem to have gotten a few faulty feed bags in our last set of supplies and what a mess! 
Cheyenne is still eating, but is does fluctuate up and down.
She is due in clinic again on Thursday for blood count and if all is well then we will proceed with her Round 4.

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