Friday, August 10, 2012

Week 8

There has been such a change with Cheyenne over the past week.  A change for good.  After she got home from the hospital, her energy has continued to pick up, and her appetite has increased.  She is still hooked up to NG feeds during the night, and then gets up and grazes all day.  She didn't have very many taste aversions this round.  Her new favorite food is cheezwhiz sandwiches (that she makes her self).  We were able to go to the beach for a couple hours on monday.  The kids had a blast! 

Cheyenne and Grandma

 The kids have also spent alot more time outdoors this week.  The cooler weather has made such a difference.

On the trampoline

Hitching a ride

Resting on the grass with Daddy
 Today Cheyenne went in for her outpatient chemo and fingerpoke.  She is neutropenic, so we will be sticking around home for awhile.  We were nice and early so we were seen pretty quickly and out by 10.

Thank you also for your prayers for my brother-in-law, Roy.  He had a 5 way bypass heart surgery on tuesday.  He is recovering well.

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  1. Fun family times! Thankful for the joy of children and the blessing of improvement. Praying for more days like these.