Saturday, August 4, 2012

We are home

Hello all,  Cheyenne was discharged this afternoon.  She was admitted thursday night and she settled in.  She seemed to really have alot of energy and so we spent quite a bit of time doing crafts and playing.  Usually she curls up in her quilt and watchs TV.  Up until yesterday evening she didn't have any complaints and then around bedtime she complained of nausea.  But she was so good about it, actually I find it rather humorous because she has figured out how to breathe through it and if you had your back turned to her you would think you were on the labour and delivery.  This morning she woke up sick and up came the NG tube.  She tried to convince David that she didn't need it put back in, and she would eat and drink and even take her medicine in her mouth if we didn't put it back in.  When that angle didn't work, she informed the nurse that if she was getting it put in then she wanted that nurse to do it. 
Last night though the night she spiked a fever, and her heart started racing so they hooked her up to the monitors.  By this morning her heart rate was normal and temperature was good, so they said that she could come home.

Tonight Cheyenne was still quite perky and requested to go see Uncle Roy.  Roy is awaiting quadruple bypass surgery in the coming week.  She climbed up on the bed and was inspecting his 'sticky' heart monitors and all the leads.  Over the past week she has been giving him advice.
  • Don't worry Uncle Roy, the nurses are nice, you just have to do what they tell you and take your medicine too.
  • Mom, we better buy him a balloon(she gets one when she does overnight stays) it would make him feel better and help him be happy.
Please keep Roy, Sarah and family(7y,5y,2y,1week) in your prayers. 

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