Thursday, August 30, 2012

Upcoming appointment

I'm not really sure how to write this, so bear with me it may be a bit scattered. 
Cheyenne has received 10 weeks of chemo, and just started her 4th round(3weeks to a round).  This particular round she was to have no Vincristine(weekly).  Her scans are booked to reassess.  We have been looking forward to this, we will know how the Chemo is working on the inside, even though the results are amazing to the naked eye.  Her upcoming tests are as follows
  •  Sedated MRI on September 5 @ 9 am
  • Sedated CT scan on September 11 @ 2 pm (this time is especially difficult keeping a child on an empty stomach)
Then we got a call on Monday to tell us that they have went ahead and booked her for removal of the tumour, surgery is booked for September 26.  Now her chemo has to be reassessed because they don't want her waiting until after that date (would be too long to go without treatment).  We are currently waiting for the doctors to have a meeting to discuss the circumstances and give us a revised treatment plan for the following month.  The issue is that they need her bloodwork to be in an appropriate range for surgery.  They want her to have the ability to clot, fight infection and heal.  We will meet with the General Surgeon and the Plastic Surgeon on September 19 for the consult and pre-op.
For right now I can't explain how I feel about getting the tumour removed.  When this all started I wanted them to cut it out instantly, now I am more concerned with is she ready for this. 
Here are some pictures with dates so you can see her bump grow and shrink

April 13, 2012

June 5th- the dirty face is a Cheyenne classic!

June 12th-Surgery to put in port-a-cath and bone marrow aspiration

June 27th

July 3rd-hospitalized for bowel issues

okay I realize this one is gruesome, but this is what it looked like at its biggest when it burst open and hence why it was bandaged until recently - July 17th

July 30th-so proud holding baby Brantley

July 31st

August 27th

Today-August 30th-look at the difference in 3days


  1. WOW God is truly blessing the treatment. She looks great and still has a shine in her eyes. That is a beautiful thing. Praying for you and the Docs as you go through these next weeks of trying to find the balance between treatment and counts. We are also praying for your heart. The roller coaster of feelings is so hard and exhausting.

    With much love and prayers....

  2. Wow! Amazing difference. Great to see her big smile. We are praying for you all daily, that things would go smoothly so that treatments can continue.