Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 29,2012

Just a quick note to say that we are all well, so far have avoided the cold and flu circulating.  Buzz at the clinc is that measles and chicken pox are circulating.  Our fear, so if you know anyone in our direct vicinity with this PLEASE let me know ASAP.  Cheyenne's counts yesterday was good(platelets and such) but her immune system is pretty low.  Please NO physical contact with her (NO hugs and kisses).  This applies to everyone!
We were so fortunate being able to celebrate Christmas at home, others were not as fortunate.  There are some who may be celebrating their last Christmas with their families and others who had to spend it in the hospital fighting for their life.  Cheyenne's friend Crystal is poorly and has just spent 5 days in PICU.  Please pray for her recovery.
This was taken during our last hospital stay together
Cheyenne is scheduled to be at clinic next thursday for labwork and be admitted thursday night for Chemo on friday. 
The kids are outside playing in the snow.  I will try and post some pictures later. 

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