Thursday, December 20, 2012

CT and MRI done

I will pick up where I left off last week.  Cheyenne was seen in the clinic Thursday morning for fingerpoke and to have her physical.  Her bloodwork was great and the doctor was amazed that Cheyenne is this far into her chemo and has not had blood products or a transfusion.  She has also not needed the growth stimulant to help boost her counts.  These are both huge things in the world of oncology.  She bounces back and is in great spirits.  For this we are truly thankful. 
   Thursday night we were admitted to the ward for hydration, and chemo on Friday.  We got paired with Cheyenne's friend Crystal and we had a great time.  My girls loved it and Cheyenne spent more time in Crystal's bed than her own.  But, they kept each other occupied and it was so relaxing to be with someone you know.  We did get the nickname of being the party room, but thats okay ;) 
She was trying hard to get Crystals IV line
Who knew that bedrails would contain a baby?
best buds
We also were right next door to little Charlotte.  Cheyenne was able to have a visit with 'Grandma Teresa', Chey loves seeing her.  This time of year is busy at the Hospital.  On Friday the Mayor of Hamilton came in to visit and gave the kids books. 
Our Doctor was so kind and wrote our discharge orders Friday so that we could leave after her morning meds on Saturday.  Usually we have to wait for the doctor to do their rounds and it takes forever to get out.  This was so nice, we will definately have to go that route again. 
As we are becoming very aware, nothing is ever written in stone.  Never make plans you aren't ready to change.  Friday afternoon we found out that instead of a MRI on December 24th, they would do and MRI and CT scan on Monday the 17th.  We left Cheyenne accessed(IV in port) when we were discharged Saturday.  When we arrived Monday morning Cheyenne was already worried about her 'sleepy medicine'.  Rico(our sedation nurse) asked if we thought Cheyenne could do the CT without sedation.  This mommy was so proud!  Cheyenne had no problem laying down and staying still for the CT.  This is HUGE, it means that a test that normally takes us 5 hours plus painful fasting, can now be done in 30 minutes.  The MRI is a different story.  That machine is LOUD!  To do it without sedation isn't even an option at the moment.  Just to scan her head takes about an hour, and Cheyenne complains that loud noises hurt her ears. 
Tuesday afternoon Cheyenne had to see the ENT Dr McLean.  He was impressed with her healing thus far, and has said that she can now be seen every 3 months.  Wyatt had to see the same ENT on Tuesday.  I think he got a taste of the painful things she has to endure.  He hasn't complained since.  They attempted to put a scope up his nose (it was smaller than Cheyenne's NG tube).  They needed to see his adnoids.  He had instant reflex and hit the resident doctor.  I didn't even have a chance to reprimand him, Cheyenne (aka mother hen) jumped right in explaining that its okay to scream when something hurts but you must NEVER hit the dr/nurses, they are here to help you.  I had to hide my face because as serious as the situation was, I was bursting with laughter. 
Cheyenne has her clinic appointment and vincristine chemo on friday morning.  She is also sceduled to see the plastic surgeon for her post radiation check-up.  It will be a busy morning but then we are off until the following friday. 
I will post if we get any results on friday.  Thanks for praying for our family. 

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  1. Cheyenne is such a trooper - thanks for the update, praying on!