Saturday, December 8, 2012

Almost done Radiation

Today Cheyenne had her 19th radiation treatment.  Monday will be her final radiation, or as she calls it 'picture therapy'.  As glad as I am that she will be done her rads, there is a certain sense of reluctance to walk away.  Cheyenne has become very close with many people over the past 4 weeks.  She has her own little fan club, as we walk through the halls.  She starts out by saying hello to the Canadian Cancer Society volunteers, then down the elevators (chatting to whoever is her passenger), then she signs in at the reception desk, next she is off to the booking office to get the fish food and nourish her little friends.  Until it is her time to go in for radiation she wanders around and does her office work.  This means stapling, taping and drawing on any piece of paper that isn't spoken for.  She always has the same 4 rad techs, but she calls them her friends.  These gals give her piggy back rides down the halls, take her through secret passageways, even dance with her.  For Cheyenne this is what her treatment is about.  When we are done her treatment we head back upstairs where she stops at the main reception for her cherry candycane.  They have also stocked her up on her winter hat collection and a couple scarfs too(specially made to match her coat). 

This is for you Mrs Munro.

Just done her radiation

Here is the PRO!

Dinitra and Cheyenne

After her treatment on Monday they are going to have a little party.  Cheyenne volunteered me to make the cupcakes and instructed them all they were to wear pajamas too.  This should be interesting!
Once we were done radiation today, we headed to McMaster for bloodwork, and chemo in clinic.  Cheyenne had a panic attack when she noticed there was a new nurse, but after they talked for a few minutes and Cheyenne inspected her cool Tinkerbell scrubs all was well and she willingly exposed her port to be accessed.  No tears for chemo.  Cheyenne needed to inspect the newly renovated Ronald McDonald Family Room, and we took a walk over to the ward to see the nurses.  We also visited sweet little Charlotte and her Mommy.
Thanks again to everyone for all your support, help and prayers.  We appreciate your love and kindness.


  1. I love this post! Hospital people are so special and bonds made with the kids are a gift! I am so thankful she has done so well. God is very kind!

  2. Great update Sonya! So glad to hear things are still going well. We love the pictures! Hadasah is still faithfully praying during our devotional time and at lunch when she prays for " Cheyenne to get better"... I am praying too! I think you are such a strong mommy to be able to bear all this, but I know, it is through God!Reading your posts always helps me refocus. Thankyou.
    Loving you always, and praying for enough strength for the day.
    Laura T

  3. What an amazing experience! I am not surprised Cheyenne has gained so many fans. She has a whole school full waiting for her return. Tell her I am so proud of her - for MANY reasons but her name is really amazing! Great job Cheyenne! We will be celebrating for you tomorrow. Last one!!!! Yippeee. Can't wait to see your smiling face.
    Mrs. Munro

  4. So glad you had a good experience with radiation. We did too with my daughter's at MD Anderson in Texas (she has rhabdo too). Once radiation is over, you're in the home stretch!