Saturday, October 26, 2013

Childrens Wish-Part 4

Before I get to more photos I will give everyone an update from Cheyenne's scans.  We spent the majority of Wednesday at the hospital for various appointments.  The first was with the orthopedic surgeon.  Because chemo can affect their nerves, it often alters how they walk.  Originally Cheyenne was toe walking, and they were keeping an eye on this.  Lately she has been knock kneed(not sure of the actual term for this).  This seems to be more of a concern to the doctor so she is will be watching her closely.  We then headed up to clinic to have Cheyenne's port flushed, bloodwork done and results from her scans.  Everything was clear and the doctors are pleased with her progress.  They asked for some pictures of Cheyennes bump at various stages because they are using her for a case study at an upcoming conference on Rhabdomyosarcoma.  We then sat in the pre-op clinic for a long time.  The kind anaethetist told me that I can skip these appointments as long as her medical status doesnt change.  Thank-you!  Cheyenne's scans have now changed to every 4 months for the next year.  Thank you to everyone who kept us in your prayers.  I would have to say that this was the hardest set of scans and waiting for results thus far.  The emotional toll was hard.  I guess it is the knowing that she is now off chemo and there is a high chance of recurrance.  Its hard not to let those thoughts take over.

And on to our trip adventures:
Thursday brought us to our first port of call, Skagway, Alaska. 
mountains and glaciers
waterfalls down the mountains are plentiful

this is a snowplow that was used for clearing the traintracks, now on display at the museum, this was pulled out of retirement a few years back when they had an extreme snowfall

the white trail pass train heading up the mountain

here we are headed out of skagway, alaska towards Canada

Canadian-American border

lots of curves and steep cliffs, this trip isnt for the faint of heart

we are now in canada, the engine switches to the other end for the decent back down the mountain.  This tour showed alot of different historical places from the yukon gold rush.
family shot infront of the engine

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