Friday, October 18, 2013

Children's wish - part 3

We set sail from Vancouver at about 4pm Monday afternoon.  It was very busy on the ship between settling the kids in and trying to figure out where everything was.  The time change (we gained 3 hours when we flew to Vancouver) was hard on us all.  We settled into bed early that first night.

Tuesday came bright and early and with it came sea sickness.  The kids never seemed bothered but Dave and I spent the majority of the day trying to sleep or in the washroom.  I have no pictures of Tuesday, sorry.  Tuesday night we gained yet another hour (4hours total) of time. 

Wednesday was a better day, we travelled the inside passage where the waters seemed calmer and the speed a little slower.  The travel was made slower by the blanket of white fog.  By 1pm the fog had lifted and we were on track for our first destination.  We arrived at Tracey Arm, Alaska around 2pm.  These pictures do no justice to the beauty and pure, untouched creation.  The water is so clear.

A peice of the glacier that has broke off.

Mountains heading into Tracey Arm. 

The glacier from a distance.  Not that you can tell but there was seals in the water by the base of the glacier.  Without binoculars, you couldn't see them.

The ship got as close as possible to the glacier so that we could get a good look at it.

If you notice that the glacier is different shades of blue, it has to do with how long it has been exposed to the air.  In this picture a piece of it had just calved(that is what they call it) into the water.  The underpiece is a stunning blue colour.

From a distance

Dave and I in Tracey Arm.  We took a picture of the picture, hence the poor quality.
 We purchased a disk of the pictures that the professionals took while we were on the cruise.  But when we got home, realized that they had only included one of our rooms on the disk.  The majority of the pictures were under the other room #.  We contacted them but havent heard back.  Hence, no picture of the family. 
It has been a busy couple weeks of appointments.  Cheyenne has had all of her scans and we are going next wednesday for scan results. 

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